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FOOL & FOX: Fuzzy system development tools

This is the homepage of FOOL and FOX. The Fuzzy Organizer OLdenburg and its fuzzy engine FOX.


Project moved to sourceforge

SourceForge Logo
The packages have move to sourceforge.net. We hope to widen the audience for this project by this move and we invite everyone to use the sourceforge infrastructure to participate in the further development of this tool. The ftp-server at the university of oldenburg will remove the packages soon, so please refer to http://sourceforge.net/projects/fool from now on.

Project now under GPL

The sources are free for free redistribution and modification according to the GNU public license which replaces our own copyright restrictions. Some of the packages will still have other Copyright notices, you may safely ignore them with one exception: The source-code owned by Sun Microsystems will remain in its original status. We have no influence on that.

General Information


The system is now distributed by sourceforge.net which offers all you need to continue the development of this project: trackers, buglists, forums, CVS and of course a package repository.

Please go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/fool for downloads. See the files section for details on supported platforms and binaries as for source codes as well.

Background information

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